Join us SUNDAY mornings 10am at
10A Commerce Drive, Lake Illawarra

The purpose of our church is transformation through experiencing and sharing God’s Kingdom Presence; declaring His goodness on earth as it is in Heaven.

We meet at 10am Sunday mornings to connect with God and each other. Within the service is kids program (Sunday School) for the little ones and a cuppa afterwards. Come along, everyone is welcome!

 You can also find us on Facebook or get in contact via email hello.shellharbourbaptist@outlook.com

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A family where we belong

A place where we encounter God

A gathering where we are encouraged and equipped to serve God and others.

We teach from the Bible, we practice love, we trust in the goodness of God, we value His presence, we promote a culture of honour, joy, hope, faith, generosity, we value unity and we love our local community.